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Disabled Persons, The
Invisible Minority

Though seldom acknowledged as such, the disabled are the largest minority group in the country, with over 19% of America’s population living with physical, mental or psychological disabilities. Because disability is such a stigmatized subject, many people, businesses and even law enforcement are still in the dark about the proper way to interact with them, leading to often negative and occasionally tragic outcomes.
Disabled people (and their caregivers) must overcome so much in order to participate in public activities that most people take for granted. To help the disabled live to the fullest, we need to encourage more interaction and understanding from the typical members of our society. Ignoring the disabled will not make them go away, and it often results in even greater difficulties for both the person and their caregivers. As a society, we need to raise our awareness of all types of disabilities and seek to create a kinder and more inclusive environment for them.

Creating Awareness for Disability in All Its Forms


Spreading Understanding and Joy to the Disabled

Disability, whether physical, mental, or emotional, is often an uncomfortable thing for most typical people to deal with, leading to many uncomfortable interactions with disabled people just trying to live their daily lives. Too often, this results in the disabled person and caregiver being marginalized, ignored, or even actively abused with rudeness and violence.
We believe that many of the difficulties disabled persons face in their daily lives can be alleviated through interactions with an understanding public. Our goal is a simple one; to create a kinder, more accommodating world for the disabled and their caregivers. By spreading awareness through advertisements on t-shirts, billboards, bus stops and online, we’re able to open up the public conversation about all forms of disability and make life just a little bit easier for people who already struggle so much.

This Could Have Been Anyone


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About Us

See Disabled Persons was founded by the father of a disabled person as a response to his family's experiences as a caregiver for their severely autistic son and brother. Recognizing the problems that come from ignoring disabled persons and inspired by seeing the difference that a little kindness can have, they developed a non-profit organization to shed a light on the struggles of members of the disabled community.
Our primary goal at See Disabled Persons is to bring visibility to all types of disabilities through advertising and community education. In addition to raising awareness and improving interactions with disabled persons at the individual level, See Disabled Persons is committed to talking to public-facing businesses and government services about changing their policies to accommodate all types of disabilities and not just the most visibly handicapped.